'Northern Fulmars' Original Collage

A pair of Northern Fulmars nest on a cliff face alongside some Sea Thrift and a couple of gliding friends. Northern Fulmars are closely related to Albatros and can be identified by their straight-winged gliding style, they rarely flap their wings. They can live for up to 35 years!

The artwork will be floated behind glass in a white, black, or natural oak box frame.

Medium - Collage, acrylic on watercolour paper, glued to a plywood disk. I've protected the collage with a matt acrylic varnish.
Artwork Size  - 11"x11" (circle)
Total size including frame - 17"x17" (square)
Includes a signed and dated certificate of authenticity


Framing can take up to two weeks. If you purchase the collage I will contact you to discuss the colour of the frame.
If you have any questions about this artwork or you'd like to know where you can view it in person feel free to contact me at info@lauriemccall.co.uk or by phoning 07530180515
Framing: Box frame